When I was a teenager I sometimes used to meet up with my cousin after school and go to a local café to discuss existential issues and boys over apple pie and custard and a hot cup of tea. Today walking into The Pudding Stop with my daughter reminds me of those days.

It’s a cold February afternoon and although she’d rather be hanging out with her friends I have persuaded her to come shopping then join me for a quick pudding. We step into the warm and take a seat at the back away from the cold. A huge etching on the wall depicts an old-fashioned baker’s stand with customers queuing and a friendly baker giving out traditional pastries.

The space is quite small and has a rustic and homely feel with wooden flooring and simple chairs. Six rectangular tables are arranged in neat rows each seating up to eight people and we can hear other people’s conversations. I can see that it’s a popular place attracting both a younger and older crowd.

As soon as we look at the menu divided into Breakfasts and Puddings. We immediately know what we want and the friendly waitress comes over and takes our order. It’s a difficult choice and once I have ordered, I’m still drawn by all of the other delights including Baileys hot chocolate, Nutella doughnuts and salted caramel and peanut butter brownies.

My apple and rhubarb crumble arrives in a ceramic pot alongside the custard. I like the presentation, scoop half of it out onto the plate and pour on the thick custard. My daughter has ordered a flourless chocolate and salted caramel cake covered in a rich dark chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

We smile at each other realizing the absurdity of eating these puddings after having been to the gym in the morning. We take our first bite and my chatty teenage daughter is silenced as she enjoys a chocolate hit. My nutty crumble is the perfect consistency and the tart rhubarb compliments the sweetness of the apple.

I like the fact that The Pudding Stop is open as late as 11 at night like a New York diner. The waitress tells us about film night on Sundays when a projector is shone onto the back wall; such a clever use of space.

As we leave I mention that we’ll be back, as I glance over at the unusually deep cinnamon swirls and savoury tarts on display. The waitress gives us a loyalty card and recommends their brilliant Breakfast brunches!