We head to Prime Steak and Grill, perfectly located across the road from the Odyssey cinema. The pretty LED cherry blossom trees light up a cold dark London Road on a wintry evening. We step passed the threshold and into a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Oak panelled walls and exposed brickwork decorated with mirrors and quirky oil paintings of cows create a contemporary feel and a stylish ambience. The parquet wooden flooring patterned in lighter and darker shades of wood and the comfortable dark leather chairs add a luxurious feel.

The waiter welcomes us in and takes our coats. We’re seated and have a look at the menu. Low hanging pendant lights and bright candles softly illuminate the tables. We take a look at the menu and order a full-bodied Chilean red wine. The menu is filled with all kinds of steak and sauces. I’m impressed with the wide choice of side dishes like: Irish black pudding, mustard mash and triple cooked chips.

I go for a sirloin steak with chestnut mushrooms on the side. I always feel a little self-conscious when asked how I would like my steak as I realize that connoisseurs eat it medium to rare, but I prefer it well done. My husband orders his steak on the bone as the waiter suggests it’s tastier.

Once it arrives, the waiter proudly presents the steak; it tastes excellent, and is cooked to perfection. I hear shouts and laughter behind me and there, in a circular booth, is a group of guys. They’re clearly having some fun male bonding time, washing down their prime rib eyes with a few beers.

The book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus that I read all those years ago comes to mind and at this very moment in time they seem complete, fulfilled and at peace.

So what is it about meat and men? An American poet, A.D Posey once said:  “Screw chocolate. A good steak is where it’s at!” Fortunately he wrote that in the comfort of his own study and not to a live female audience! According to a poll in Esquire magazine in 2016, men would prefer to give up smoking and drinking rather than steak!

The stodge in my stomach weighs me down and I try to get up from my seat, and I can feel that my face has reddened. It ‘s a relief to step out into the freezing cold air and get some exercise; we walk all the way to the cinema with only one thing on my mind, chocolate!