I am a creative non-fiction writer and weekly columnist for my local newspaper The St Albans and Harpenden Review and several online newspapers covered by Newsquest North London.

I love to meander within both urban and rural spaces and write about the subtle features and beauty I discover.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and impressions with my readers and feel that I have an inherent understanding of city life as I spent most of my life living in London.

I like to use a literary contemplative style to create poetic narratives in my work which I hope my readers find evocative and take pleasure in.

I enjoy living in Hertfordshire these days given the wonderful mix of town and country life.

Working towards my MA in Creative Writing encouraged me to experiment with a number of genres, helped me to progress on my writing journey and find my voice.

I am currently working on my personal memoir of growing up in London and building a collection of travel memoir.